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I was born and raised in Luxembourg to a Greek mother and an Italian father. Drawing was an integral part of my life ever since my school years. It was a means of expressing myself, my feelings or my thoughts, but it also helped me travel through my dreams as a child. Later, I decided to study design and interior architecture in Paris, although I always knew that I wanted to design art jewelry.

It was my grandfather who called me “Alexandrini”. I decided to call my company by the same name and with it, I am starting off my journey into the world of jewelry, with utmost respect for its splendor and beauty. “Alexandrini” is also the name of a new line of handcrafted jewelry made of sterling silver and semi-precious stones, inspired by my love and appreciation for the environment and nature.

My jewelry tells stories inspired mainly my Mediterranean nature, part of which I feel I am myself. I love spending time in my studio and nothing compares to the joy I feel when I see a woman wearing something I have myself shaped into a final piece of jewelry.

Paper is the foundation for my designs. In a second stage, through metal processing by hand, these designs “come to life” and each of them turns into a one-of-a-kind creation, part of a unique collection which tells a different story. My purpose is to see women enjoying my jewelry as integral pieces of their daily life.

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